LuxRiot DVR/NVR Editions

LuxRiot DVR package consists of two applications: The DVR Server and The DVR Client.

The DVR Server is a behind-the-scene application that captures, processes and records video and then serves it to a local or remote DVR Client software.

The DVR Client is the application that shows live and recorded video streams from a single DVR Server or multiple DVR Servers; it also allows users to configure and control DVR Server(s).

In order to better suit our customers' needs and budget, LuxRiot has 5 editions. These editions range from Personal to Enterprise and each edition varies in the number of allowed cameras, the number of simultaneous remote DVR Client connections as well as other limitations, or lack thereof. However, all of the LuxRiot editions have the same user-friendly interface and functionality.

LuxRiot DVR Personal Edition is a shareware product, which means you can try it first, and then buy it if you like it.

  Personal* Basic Professional Advanced Enterprise
Maximum Number of Cameras 1 4 9 16 unlimited
Maximum number of remote DVR Client connections 1 1 3 5 unlimited

* Shareware version of Personal Edition is intended for the evaluation purposes only. Therefore, it has limited functionality, such as server cannot run as a Windows service.

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