Product Overview

LuxRiot is a Digital Video Recording and Remote Surveillance software package for the Windows based PC.

LuxRiot offers principally new concept of DVR solutions – “One Software/Choice of Hardware”. This choice of hardware is not limited to different video capture cards with varying Frames-per-second rates and number of inputs. The choice is much greater: in addition to supported video capture boards, you can use many Network (IP) cameras from major manufacturers, Network (IP) Video servers, as well as any DirectShow compatible devices such as multichannel videograbbers, USB cameras, and camcorders.

LuxRiot has 5 different editions to better suit our customers' needs and budgets. Ranging from Personal to Enterprise, they vary in number of allowed camera and remote client connections, as well as some features, but all have the same user-friendly interface and upgradeable from lower to higher edition. Read more about available Editions

LuxRiot Personal Edition is a shareware product. It gives you the opportunity to try our software before buying. However, until you activate it LuxRiot has a limited functionality, such as server accepts only local connection, server cannot run as a Windows service and recording time is limited to 5 gigabytes of storage space.

User-friendly interface makes the most advanced surveillance features easy to use and understand. All commonly used operations can be performed via intuitive wizards.

LuxRiot is fully equipped with the full set of advanced surveillance features. Visit our Features Page for detailed explanation of all LuxRiot can do.

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