Video Capture Boards

UDP Technology

NCP/ECP Series: NCP100V2/NCP100V2LP, NCP1000V2, NCP1200V2/NCP1200V2LP, NCP2000V2, NCP3000V2/NCP3000V2LP, NCP3100V2, NCP3200V2, ECP240-32/ECP240-32EX, ECP960-32EX

ECPR/RCP Series: ECPR120-4, ECPR120-16/ECPR120-16EX, ECPR240-16/ECPR240-16EX, ECPR480-16/ECPR480-16EX, ECPR480D-16EX, ECPR480-16L/ECPR240-16L/ECPR120-16L

HP Series: HP3000, HP4000EX

ComArt System

HiCap50, HiCap100, HiCap200, XeCap50, XeCap100, XeCap200*

ProVideo Multimedia Co., Ltd

PCI Boards: PV-147, PV-149P, PV-153P, PV-180, PV-183

USB Devices: PV-326C, PV-321CA/CE, PV-323(A)

Euresys PICOLO Alert, PICOLO Diligent boards,
PICOLO V16 H.264
ATI Technologies, Inc. All ALL-IN-WONDER boards
iTuner Networks Corp Spectra 8

» Any DirectShow compatible Video Capture Board will be supported as well.

* LuxRiot DVR supports ComArt XeCap boards video output channels feature. It is possible to view all analog cameras simultaneously on both computer and analog monitors.

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