Why LuxRiot® is better?

  • Value. With MSRP as low as $99.00 for the fully-featured surveillance product.
  • Multitude of Supported Hardware
  • Full range of editions for all needs and budgets from Personal to Enterprise
  • Effective support for and close integration with megapixel cameras
  • Support for 900+ IP cameras from 60+ manufacturers
  • Shareware Version. For the first time in the industry, fully functional, feature-reach DVR (not a demo) can be tried without paying a penny.

  • Supports an unlimited number of cameras (hardware limitations may apply). Enterprise edition imposes no limits on how many cameras can be connected to a server.

  • Fully-featured Client application – all functions, without exceptions may be administered both locally and remotely (only one user interface).
  • Efficient CPU usage.

  • Server can run as a Windows service

  • Full featured local and remote playback with search on motion and areas of motion ( aka Smart Search)

  • Screen may be configured for the wide screen monitors
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